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Think digital first - to provide enormous potential for our local community.


The Queensland Government through the Department of State Development initiated and project managed the development of the Digital Economy Strategy.  With funding from Whitsunday Regional Organisation of Councils (ROC) a group of business and industry groups were brought together to develop the Strategy during 2014-2015.              

Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Local Government’s through the Whitsunday Regional Organisation of Councils (ROC) have taken responsibility for the implementation of the Strategy aimed at optimising the region’s progress through the digital economy.  The strategy will be championed by the three Councils, through their shared commitment of “thinking digital first”.



    Benchmark local digital services and survey local digital demand to know where we currently stand.    


    Source and provide accurate and timely information about opportunities for the region, provided by the NBN and explain the role of Retail Service Providers (RSP’s) and other digital providers.  


    Work with community, businesses, residents and providers to identify gaps; upskill capabilities; extend digital capabilities and actively engage in the digital marketplace. 


    Encourage collaboration with business, industry, government and community to promote and demonstrate digital first thinking.


    Establish a digital economy literacy program (including events) for local businesses, industry, not-for-profits and the community to create awareness and adoption of the digital economy.


    Promote the digital capability of the region locally, nationally and internationally to encourage collaboration and export opportunities.

Download the summary Digital Economy Strategy document:

Digital Economy Strategy summary Digital Economy Strategy summary (259 KB)

Download the progress report against the Digital Economy Strategy action plan: 

Digital Economy Strategy Progress against Action Plan Digital Economy Strategy Progress against Action Plan (61 KB)

Download the complete Digital Economy Strategy document: 

Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Digital Economy Strategy Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Digital Economy Strategy (1703 KB)