Digital Case Studies

Case Studies  

A series of case studies will be developed showcasing how local businesses have embraced the digital economy.  These case studies have been developed by a range of stakeholders and provide examples of how businesses have embraces the Digital Economy.  

Melissa Westcott - Big On Shoes

Pioneering online shopping experiences for women's shoes in sizes 10-14 is the start of the success story of this business.  What is unique about this business is the is is situated in Moranbah in Central Queensland and sells product to customers all over the world. 

Big On Shoes Case Study Big On Shoes Case Study (56 KB)

Department of State Development comprehensive profile of Big On Shoes

DSD Big On Shoes case study DSD Big On Shoes case study (366 KB)

Mackay Sugar

Mackay Sugar Limited website is the hub of the business.  The public access area provides the information you might see on any company website, the real power is in the other two sites which are only available to growers.  These sites provide growers with a myriad of information to help them with the sustainable management of their farm as well as harvesting and pricing information.

Mackay Sugar Case Study Mackay Sugar Case Study (32 KB)


Knobel Honey

Selling honey and associated products online from Clermont in Central Queensland.  Another story of how the digital economy can break down geographical barriers and bring world markets to your (Digital ) door.

Knobel Honey Case Study Knobel Honey Case Study (40 KB)


Trantech Computers

An example of how the computer businesses in the region are embracing the digital economy and changing their business model to take full advantage of the digital world and provide improved service for their clients.

Trantech Case Study Trantech Case Study (34 KB)


Guardian Disaster Coordination System

A good example of how a regional Business can go national with the right product and infrastructure.  QIT Plus developed the Guardian system from their base in the Whitsundays.  It is now used in over 50 local councils in Queensland and the NT and world export market is now being explored. 

Guardian Case Study Guardian Case Study (59 KB)

CQUniversity Digital Media and Distance Education

Through its use of multiple digital and other technologies, CQUniversity is innovatively addressing the needs of people who may otherwise not be able to access tertiary study.  through the bachelor of Digital Media they are ensuring that future development of distance education technology is maintained.  An excellent example of the digital economy influencing the more traditional economic output.  

CQUniversity Digital media Case Study CQUniversity Digital media Case Study (63 KB)

Farmacist Agronomic Solutions Provider

Providing specialist support in Precision Agriculture to the Mackay Region.  A prime example of how similar regions can combine and share a range of expertise based on cutting edge digital technologies to influence and improve economic and environmental outcomes.  

Farmacist Case Study Farmacist Case Study (61 KB)

Tyeware ICT Consulting and software development

The local solutions provider that developed the successful MiWater system for Mackay Regional Council that analyses electronic water meter data and provides regular updates to residents on their water consumption.  Tyeware demonstrates that a substantial information technology business can be developed and maintained in the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Region.  

Tyeware Case Study Tyeware Case Study (54 KB)

Mybffmobile Mobile Phone Cases

A great example of human endeavour combining digital and traditional selling methods to deliver product to a very appropriate market. Also demonstrates the advantages of a regional location with proximity to target market over a city location.

MyBffmobile Case Study MyBffmobile Case Study (54 KB)

Kapow Interactive Web Design/Marketing

Based in Airlie Beach and concentrating on local tourism and building development clients, Kapow Interactive is helping business to develop an online presence that reflects their branding, marketing, personality, strengths and business goals.

Kapow Interactive Case Study Kapow Interactive Case Study (59 KB)

iScape IT Specialists

A home grown IT company which has met the challenges with positive enthusiasm and a determination to provide existing and new clients with the best and most advanced digital technologies.  IT solutions can be developed and delivered to anywhere from their Mackay base. 

iScape Case Study iScape Case Study (54 KB)