Greater Whitsunday Alliance

Please see the Greater Whitsunday Alliance website for details on their activities or contact the office direct on 07 4845 8222.



The Greater Whitsunday Council of Mayors (then Whitsunday ROC) recognised the need for a Regional Economic Development Group and during 2016 they strived to determine the best way forward for a regional approach to Economic Development. They reviewed the Mackay Whitsunday Regional Economic Development Ltd (MWREDC commonly called REDC) which was mothballed in 2014 and deliberated on the most appropriate path to form a regional group. 

This lead to the announcement in September 2016 that the Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) would be developed as an economic development entity working for the Region. 

September 15 2016, Whitsunday ROC Chairperson Cr Anne Baker said that “today is the start of a new era for the Region with great expectations of the benefits that working regionally through a strong entity such as GW3 can provide. GW3 will be the ideal vehicle to promote a unified Regional front for major initiatives.

Initial funding was confirmed at $550,000 provided by the three councils of Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday with an anticipation that business and industry in the region will finance the organisation long term once tangible benefits are realised.

Media release 

Greater Whitsunday Alliance GW3 15 September 2016 Greater Whitsunday Alliance GW3 15 September 2016 (58 KB)